About Me

Hello all, I am a student at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va.  I am a Biology major with a minor in Medical Spanish and a pre-med concentration.  I decided to write this blog to help me track my experience through undergrad, medical school (hopefully), and life.  I know this is a public forum so anyone who is interested in reading is more than welcome to! I will be using this both as a way to track all the highs and lows of my journey but also as a way to vent when times get tough.  I’m excited to start this blog and to see where it takes me!

My girlfriend attends the University of Michigan and is pre-law.  We met in high school and started seeing each other after we were both in college.  We knew going in what it meant to be in a long distance relationship, especially when we are both in such a demanding curriculum, but it was worth it to us because we fell in love and want nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together.

I’m just getting this blog underway so I hope to continue to build and expand as I am able to find some time.  To anyone who reads, I hope you can find something interesting about the life of a guy trying to balance a long distance relationship, school, studying for the MCATs, ect.  Everything is fair game here; I love listening to music and it really helps me get through a lot of hard times; I like watching movies and following sports; I enjoy company, people and the conversations I have with them.  This blog will probably start out sporadic, random, and unorganized (maybe that’s how it should be?) but I hope to eventually have a streamlined account of what’s going on in the world.  I’ll have regular entries as well as some on-the-go entries that I’ll post from my iPhone as smaller, interesting things happen.


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